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About the Bell Property Group


Bell Property Group, established in 2019, is a forward-thinking subsidiary of Bell Resources. We’re not your typical real estate company. We’re building the future of transportation, brick by brick, by acquiring, developing, and transforming existing car wash sites. We don’t just manage properties – we create innovative Destination Facilities that are specifically designed for EV charging stations.

Building Convenience

We don’t just build EV Charging Stations, we build convenience. Through our Strategic Acquisitions & Transformations, we breathe new life into existing car washes and other prime locations, creating them into EV charging hubs perfectly suited for today’s drivers. This focus on convenience extends to our Expert Development team. They don’t just find existing locations, they build the future with purpose-built charging infrastructure designed for optimal functionality and a smooth user experience. Finally, our Meticulous Management ensures the stations are well-maintained and that Destination Facilities function seamlessly, providing a positive experience for everyone.

Bell Property Group Reimagines the Charging Experience

Bell Property Group envisions EV charging stations as more than just a place to plug in. We’re building Destination Facilities, innovative spaces that cater to the modern EV driver and transform charging into a convenient and enjoyable experience. Imagine a world where:

  • EV-Friendly Amenities: Your charging station is conveniently co-located alongside a car wash and cafe. No more waiting idly by – grab a bite to eat, or relax while your car gets a clean energy boost.
  • Seamless Integration: Imagine a Destination Facility where charging seamlessly integrates with your travel plans. Our facilities are strategically placed near highways and busy areas, making them the perfect pit stop for long journeys or a convenient top-up during your daily commute.


This is the future of EV charging, and Bell is leading the way.